For Parents

Consent and common sense

Each of the public courses we are offering to students are monitored by academics within each institution. There are no tools allowing private contact between students or teacher to students. However, we always encourage all parents to monitor the time spent by your children online - this includes any free online educational opportunity including ours. Develop an open conversation with your children regarding their educational experiences, what they are struggling with as well as enjoying.

Developing their skills

The Cisco NetAcad programme has been established in the UK since 1998 and has been integrated into many national qualifications and degree programmes. Many of the partner organisations working with us to host this site. Offer a range of Cisco NetAcad courses to their students. With the primary aim of developing their practical skills as well as employment prospects within the 'Digital' and 'Cyber' sectors.

"Cisco certification is highly sought globally and is one of the backbones of the international technology sector. We have many students gain career progression, promotion and salary rises as a result of acquiring Cisco certificated professional recognition".

Andrew Smith, Senior Lecturer in Networking at the Open University