Alternate Resources

While our focus is NetAcad oriented we are aware that many of our partner organisations have developed complimentary resources, which may also help support teaching Networking, Programming, Cyber Security and IT in general.

Not all of these resources are specifically endorsed by Cisco Networking Academy.

Discovering Computer Networks

Working with Cisco and funded by UFI, the Open University Cisco ASC have created a zero-to-hero 24hr Badged Open Course - using a cloud based version of Packet Tracer (PT-Anywhere). This is a pre IT-Essentials or Network Essentials level course. You or your students can access Discovering Computer Networks without signon. If you (or your students) do signon - then a certificate of completion will be available along with the digital badging.

Computing for Schools

This collection of 8 short courses has been developed for teachers of School children aged 5-16, based on the England's National Curriculum for Computing. The collection initially provides an introduction to the Internet and the services it provides, with an emphasis on security awareness and personal safety considerations when online. The content and organisation of topics is based on the CAS Computing Progression Pathways guide developed by Computing at School (CAS), and more specifically focuses on the Communications and Networks strand.

Schools interested in using these materials as part of the National Curricula (England), or for any other purpose, are free to do so. Additional teaching resources to support the delivery, manage classes and run quizzes are available for free to schools by registering to become a Cisco Academy.

Global Problem Solvers

Global Problem Solvers: The Series is a free program available from Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility to promote social entrepreneurship in the classroom. Download the Teacher’s Guide now to see for yourself how Global Problem Solvers: The Series can complement your existing curriculum and engage your students in an exciting new way.

Global Problem Solvers: The Series has been designed as a supplemental resource for use by school teachers and students with ages between 11 and 14 years of age. Schools have identified its applicability to younger and older students as well.

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The Open University releases around 15,000+ hours of their own content as well as material created with others for free. You will discover a Cisco Internet of Everything course, Python and much more. This resource isn't limited to Computing/IT - you really can study a pantheon of topics via this free site.


There are many MOOC's (massive, open online course) platforms out there. The Open University co-owns one of them. There is a sign-in/sign-up requirement however the age expectations are not particularly restrictive. Many of the courses are free - however, watch for any costs around certificates or final tests. Note: if you search, you may even find a course that Cisco is involved with.

FutureLearn recently started a course on How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students. It's free.