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Cisco Networking Academy, or NetAcad for short, is a global Digital (Networking, Cyber Security, Programming, Operating Systems, IT) education programme that Cisco delivers as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

This microsite is designed to offer additional resources, in a UK and Ireland specific context - above and beyond the information already presented by the central Cisco NetAcad site. Please click on the specific pages for more information regarding educational opportunities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

The challenge for teachers is choosing resources that work for them. In each educational domain, the academic wraparound differs. Yet the core content required to teach Networking, CyberSecurity, Operating Systems, IoT and Programming. Please do not consider the resources provided to be definitive.

To the right, is an overview from Andrew@OU - this offers a pragmatic perspective regarding the integration of NetAcad into your national qualifications.

Global Problem Solvers

Global Problem Solvers: The Series is a free program available from Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility to promote social entrepreneurship in the classroom. Download the Teacher’s Guide now to see for yourself how Global Problem Solvers: The Series can complement your existing curriculum and engage your students in an exciting new way.

Global Problem Solvers: The Series has been designed as a supplemental resource for use by school teachers and students with ages between 11 and 14 years of age. Schools have identified its applicability to younger and older students as well.

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World Skills Competition Preparation!

The Open University ASC supports a number of different Cisco Academies who focus on world skills competitions. Anders Lantz a former global 'Chief Expert' has shared this resource. A troubleshooting challenge activity. This is more advanced than some of the material used. However, for any schools, colleges or universities looking to prepare their students for any skills competition, this is an ideal activity.