For Students

So what! What is NetAcad?

Everyone is offering you free resources, with so many choices the decision to choose can be a challenge. The Cisco NetAcad programme is long established, having started over twenty years ago. As a large silicon valley corporation, making the technology that runs the Internet and secures many of our networks around the world. Cisco have ensured that everything they offer is always the latest, most relevant and job worthy content.

These courses are free, 'have a go' opportunities

Python is a popular programming language, as it is designed to work with many current technologies. As well as providing you with the skills to transfer to other commercial/popular programming languages. This course is split into two parts - from essentials to intermediate. The first part taking 40hrs and the latter section, 30hrs. You do not need to install any technologies - the programming system is integrated into your web browser. If you are interested, the Open University are offering it via their Gateway to Coding project.

Wanted to learn about Network Engineering yet lacked either the confidence or the experience? Discovering Computer Networks is the perfect 'zero to hero' course - accompanied by an integrated browser based Network Simulator. You can build, configure and discover different network engineering technologies. At 24 hours, this course offers online badging and a certificate of completion.

This DDOS simulation activity

Will give you an insight into the number computers required to attack a single device. When you click, you will be taken to an alternate microsite.

DNS/DHCP/Email Activity

This activity will allow you to explore how network services operate.

Dijkstra's Algorithm

A short 6min video, from Andrew@OU Demonstrating how STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) exemplifies Dijkstra's Algorithm

A short <5 min follow on video - explaining how Dijkstra's algorithm can be 'manipulated' using some knowledge of Cisco commands and Spanning-Tree technology.