Linking specific NetAcad courses to National Qualifications

Within our community are a number of national qualification experts - who have worked with awarding organisations in both standards management, development and content creation. The links to the right are by no means definitive, this provide a starting point for discussion. Each document signposts where NetAcad courses links to national qualifications.

The linked documents, explore vocational qualifications as well as GCSEs and A levels.

Additional information

Some updated information and resources provided by Peter Franklin @ CAVC

  • Pearson BTEC L3 Computing, Unit 7 can be linked to IT essentials.

  • Pearson BTEC L3 Computing, U19 - CyberSec Packet Tracer Activity (above)

  • OCR L3 Unit 3: Clearly links to Introduction to Cybersecurity and also Introduction to IoT

The team at the OU Cisco ASC have also worked with Toby Bell @ Northumberland College - below is a detailed analysis of the Pearson RQF L3 Computing and Information Technology programmes.